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In-situ Fecal Specimen Sampler

产品名称In-situ Fecal Specimen Sampler

CategorySampling class

The hot points for our product

Patent product
The only in-situ fecal collecting tool while defecation in this field.
Easy to use.
No contamination.
Can keep all of the operation process closed during the lab testing.
Product Description

Intended use

This product provides an in-situ fecal specimen sampling device for stool tests.



This product consists of a sampling tube with a closed top end, a bottom end with opening and an stretchable soft body, which can insert a finger from the opening of the bottom outside the sampling tube and push forward and stretch the closed top end to beyond the sampling tube, and further to collect a fecal specimen while defecation for stool tests.


Performance Characteristics

This product has been used in several medical facilities and over a thousand end users and showed very good responses as easy to use, no contamination, no uncomfortable experiences, can finish all of the collecting process during defecation by the subject themselves.


Storage and validity

This product shall be stored at room temperature with a validity period of 2 years.

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